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Reboot di Ralph supermaxieroe!

Volo via! Se non ve lo ricordate probabilmente siete troppo ccccciofani!

  • Q: "How is it in Finland?"
  • KR: "Well, the summer in Finland is fishing and fucking. And in the winter … it is difficult to fish."
(On the choice between Motorsport and Ice Hockey) I have decided to do motorsports because I don´t have to get up there so early in the morning.

Kimi Räikkönen (via theicemanspeaks)




Hahaha :D

Had dinner with friends and now a little trip to Bolivia.
Sort of.
Perfect Friday night .
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Reblog if you’re a member of the Top Gear fandom!


I want to see how many of us are on tumblr. I’ll be going on a Top Gear following spree soon, so I’ll check out all of your blogs!

I wish I could dress like this everyday.

Random person:
Top Gear is a show about cars, right?


Random person:
So why they are in the jungle and one of them is screaming “I’m the god of hellfire” with a chainsaw in his hands?

…because…well,it’s complicated.

Il primo scarico della giornata è stato un bilico di carta da culo,sappiamo già che giornata sarà giusto?
Molto bene.

I can fix it.
I tried

Really hard.
But I don’t like Dr Who.
And will never do.
Feel free to unfollow,I understand.

  • Me: WHO THE FUCK TOOK MY oh there it is



and now the whole fandom waits, expectant, eager

will they do it?

It has to happen. Can you imagine the stick Jez will give them if they don’t? He’ll be utterly insufferable. I expect soggy TG presenters in short order.

It’s a matter of coming.
And I bet James will do it…properly.