ambitious but rubbish

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I can fix it.
I tried

Really hard.
But I don’t like Dr Who.
And will never do.
Feel free to unfollow,I understand.

  • Me: WHO THE FUCK TOOK MY oh there it is



and now the whole fandom waits, expectant, eager

will they do it?

It has to happen. Can you imagine the stick Jez will give them if they don’t? He’ll be utterly insufferable. I expect soggy TG presenters in short order.

It’s a matter of coming.
And I bet James will do it…properly.

Ice Bucket Stig

I’m uploading my “the Stig ice bucket thing” on YouTube..wait for it..

- Jeremy Clarkson (Ice Bucket Challenge)

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Guarda "Jeremy Clarkson Ice Bucket Challenge" su YouTube

Jeremy Clarkson Ice Bucket Challenge:

They got Jeremy!

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The stig’s ice bucket challenge!

Coming (hopefully) soon!
Who would like to see it?

Sherlock 100 candids {35/100}

TG3 of battle styles!
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